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Hey world meet Mr Bloo.  Since he is so incredibly smart, he would like to write his own story.   :)   

Yep that's me.....incredibly smart.   :) But Don't forget about how handsome I am too.  My coat has all kinds of pretty colors and it's super curly My face is very fuzzy and very kissable.  I'll try not to brag but ya just don't see a boy as cute as me every day.  I'm  also very sweet.  I've been taking care of my little bro, Hawk,  ever since he was born and if I do say so myself I did a great job raising him.   So I would be a great baby sitter for any little ones.  I really love kids.   Actually I love all  people who give me attention.    I love to ride in the car and stick my head out the  window.   I also love toys.   Toys are kind of a new thing to me but Hawk had so much fun playing ball and squeaking all those funny colored rubber things, I thought I better join in. 
I'm a good boy and I would really like to have my own family.   I would like to be inside.  I would never potty in the house.    You should call the Aunties and come see me.   Oh and come see  my little brother Hawk too.  Thank you very much.

HaHa...............................Yep it's all true.
Bloo is neutered, vaccinated and micro chipped.   He is an 8 month old Aierdale Aussie cross.  We love him.    Please call Lorrie 208 339 0130 or Stacy 208 705 3107 or email for an application.    

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