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Our gorgeous little girl is home. 
thank you Matthew and Racheal   
What a beauty this little girl is.   Those eyes and those ears and that cute little wiggle.    You just can't help but smile when she bats those eyelashes.   She is definitely a little princess.  Since her "eyeliner" is never smudged:) and she always looks so beautiful we thought the name Cleopatra was perfect.  Calling Cleopatra when you need everyone to come inside just sounded silly so we shortened her name to Cleo and it fits.   Cleo minds like a dream and is so sweet.  She loves attention and loves to snuggle.   Cleo loves toys and balls and especially loves to go for walks.  She pulls a bit when she sees something she wants to investigate but she is learning.   A harness might be a good idea.  Cleo loves to go for car rides and gets sad when she is left behind.   She just wants to be with someone all the time.  She's not too crazy about being alone.  Cleo is great with kids, other dogs and kitties.  She is quiet and well behaved.  She is a watcher and would make a wonderful companion.  Cleo is spayed, up on all her vaccinations, micro chipped and potty trained.     Cleo is about 2 years  old.  We think she is a German Shepherd, maybe bulldog or boxer cross.   Just not sure.  What ever she is, she's gorgeous. Cleo needs an inside home, a fenced yard and a family who won't ever leave her behind.  

  Please call Lorrie 208 339 0130 or email for an application    
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