animals need help
We're all searching for a forever home.  The kind of home with families who know we're not going to be cute little fuzzy puppies forever. 
We WILL grow up to be big dogs and loyal and wonderful freinds if you just give us a chance.  Sometimes we may do things that  upset you, but teach us and spend time with us. WE"RE DOGS.  Sometimes we bark and chew and even growl at that freind of yours we don't like.  (you should trust us on that one) but we will always try to please you, because we love you.   You're busy and tired when you get home form work, we know it's been a long day, we've been waiting for you.  Take a minute to say hi and spend some time with us.  We've really missed you and we get bored and lonely too. 
All we really need is someone who cares enough to make sure we're part of the family.  Safe, happy and healthy.  Not too much to ask for when we will give so much back.  
PS  Dont' forget to look at all our pictures.  We're all just gorgeous.
                                  AN ANIMALS EYES HAVE THE POWER TO SPEAK
                                                    A GREAT LANGUAGE
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