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Our sweet boy waited a long time to have his own home.  Thanks Frank.  We are so happy for our Jed.   

After a rough beginning for Jed and Gypsy they are on the way to a better life. We actually wondered for a while if they would be ok.  Pretty close to death but they pulled through. 
We don't have any idea what kind of life Jed had before he came to ANH. We are just hoping that he was lost and not left behind on purpose.
Since we try to be as positive as possible,  we need to let these guys have a chance to start over and try to forget about the past.   Funny thing about dogs, he would probably forgive instantly but we won't, believe me. 

Jed is about 4 years old.  He has turned into the biggest moosh.   He loves to snuggle.  He minds unbelievably well and does everything he can to please.   He is so soft and is so amazingly kind.  Just a very sweet hound  boy.   He gets along great with other dogs, loves kids and was wonderful with the kitties at the vet clinic.   We thought at first he may have been a hunting dog but he really isn't interested in anything but hugs.   Oh and food.   Breakfast and Dinner are still  pretty important events in his day

Jed needs a patient family.   He is learning about potty training but we don't think he had ever been inside.  Our vet even suggested he may have been in a box or crate most of his life.:)     Jed is neutered, up on all his vaccinations and micro chipped. He would love a home.   We are going to make sure this boy finally gets to live a happy life.   Please call Lorrie 208 339 0130 or Dani 208 241 5538 or email for an application.    
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