animals need help


I will never understand how someone can have a wonderful pet and leave them behind when they move.  For heck sakes, at least  try to find your sweet pet a good home.  :(
Leaving them tied to their dog house while you drive away is absolutely disgusting.     Luckily Manni had a neighbor watching over him who called us to help.   We are very happy to have this little man as one of our gang. Believe me he loves us too.   

Manni is such a good boy.  He has the cutest personality and is very well behaved. He loves attention and does everything he can to please.  He is learning a few basic commands but seriously he just seems to know what he needs to do before we even ask.   He would be a fabulous pup for any active family.  He loves to play ball and chase birds.  He also really loves the pools.   When it's time to come in he runs in to his kennel and sits patiently for his snack.  :0   He does love snacks.   Manni is great with other dogs and kids and would love to go home.
He is neutered, up on vaccinations and micro chipped.  He might need just a little work on potty training  but he has mastered the doggie door.  Manni is an 18 month old Border Collie Lab mix and super cute.      Please call Lorrie 208 339 0130 or Dani 208 241 5538 or email for an application.       

Manni wanted me to say, He's a good boy and didn't deserve to be left behind.  He promises he would be loyal and loving forever.  He wants to be his new families special boy.   It's scary to be left behind and he's gonna forget all about that.      
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