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So happy that Pepper is home.  Thanks Gary  

Oh our  Pepper is a dream.   She is just beautiful and so soft.   She is very well mannered and sweet.  She seems to love everyone, although sometimes she is a little shy with men.   She does love children and would make a wonderful family member. She would love to be included in all family activities.  She wants to start living the good life.   She's had some rough years.   :( Sometimes I wonder why dogs that are treated so poorly  don't loose their amazing spirit.   As hard as some people try to break them, dogs will always be a loyal, wonderful friend.  That is exactly what our Pepper is.  She is perfect.    

Pepper loves car rides and is the best little traveler.  Since she's such a good girl, she always gets a special little  treat on the way home.  :) That really tickles her.   

Pepper is an English Setter mix. She  is 7 years old. She is spayed, up on all her vaccinations and she is potty trained.    She has spent her whole life on a chain :(.......  Until now.

For now she is getting very spoiled.  She loves her freedom, all her new friends and  all the attention she is getting.  We are very happy we have the chance to help  her find  a new life.  She deserves to be loved.   Please call Lorrie 208 339 0130 or Dani 208 241 5538 or email for an application.  
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