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So happy for this kid.   He is home safe and sound.    Thanks Pilar. :)

This little man is a heart breaker.  He's still just a baby and  not really sure what he did to end up in the shelter.   The first couple of days were rough.  He cried,,,,alot.    Then he met a couple of new friends and he found out that lots of nice folks came to play and everytime the came to play,,,,they brought treats.   :) So life wasn't so horrible after all. He is settling in and is  one of the gang now.   No more puppy tears for our Sorel.  

He loves to play ball and he loves squeaky toys.  He comes running full blast when you call his name.   He knows that it very possible  there is a treat waiting. :)  This boy does love his snacks.   He is super soft hearted and gets his feelings hurt pretty easy.   His bed is his safe place when it's noisey or stormy.  He also loves to just settle in with a big chew bone.   

We were told Sorel could be destructive when left alone.   We haven't  noticed any problems.  He keeps his little room in tip top shape.   He would rather not be left alone too long though.   He's just a puppy and he needs lots of loves. 

Sorel is about 7 months old.   He is a Pointer/Boxer cross.  He is neutered, up on all his vaccinations, micro chipped and potty trained.  He loves kids and other dogs and would love to be part of a family again.    He thinks he's tough stuff at first but then turns into a wiggle worm.   Please call Lorrie 208 339 0130 or Dani 208 241 5538 or  email 
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